Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I just chat shite.

We live in a time where old people currently look at us and think "back when we were young, we would never have dreamed of doing that"
That is it, we live in a constantly evolving society where within ten years it will be acceptable to beat your wives. In 20 years murder will have no consequence except from maybe a small bushtucker trial in te Australian rainforest , and maybe, just maybe, in 30 years time everyone will have caught on to lady gagas ingenious idea of wearing meat as a suit.
Though it may be rather expensive to keep up this fashion, due to the smell causing you to need to buy a new suit once a week(in extreme winter conditions), or  possibly every two hours (in the summer).
I have taken two things of beauty.  The rose with its intricate shape and sharp curves. and a bird.
We give flowers as gifts because they look good right? And birds are also things of beauty right?
Well in that case, I give you the next thing these 'old people' are going to shit themselves in shock over!

Behold the perfect gift for your loved one.

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