Sunday, 30 January 2011

Its not yet finished...Damnit

Aren't Sundays just the worst days ever. I have been working today which is not the reason it has been rubbish, because it will still be rubbish, if I was hungover in bed, out with friends, or on the piss somewhere.
The Point I am making is: SUNDAYS ARE CRAP!

I haven't put anything on here for a while...
And its not even anything new yet.
I made some alterations to a previous design...
I will create something new for your eyes to get so excited about that they wee tears tomorrow...

Until then...Enjoy the amended version of my Bankers Bonus piece.

Over and Out

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stardust, Space, And the theory of the black hole.

A bit of experimentation in my drawing style. Only whipped together in 10 minutes.

So.. The legendary black hole that no one seems to have a clue about. Not even the best of the best of the best scientists theoretically know what would happen if we were to go through a black hole.

There are theories that it will absolutely abliterate everything that passes through.

Or there are theories of parallel universes.

Maybe it changes something ever so simple, something you would not notice... Unless you happened to have a mirror in front of you of course.

The Outcome Of Bleach In your eye

This is more than likely going to be the outcome of your sight after you get into that fight with the misses, ultimately ending in her throwing household cleaning equipment at you.
Then it will eventually, after her blood boils more and more, get more extreme. Until WHAM! ....You have bleach in your eyes and see things black and yellow and hatched from then on.

This is Quink Ink laid down, and bleach to scratch out areas to create the bird with the reaction between the solvents in the ink and the bleach.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Public Sector Pension Cuts- My work isn't normally all political. Promise.

The old Public Sector Pension cuts.

Hello Mr Banker

For all the kids that had the super nintendo... Which was an ace console I will add.

Mario based illustration on Bankers Bonuses.
Even though nothing has changed as of yet... This is based on the governments plans to tax the bonuses heavily.
Would you play it?


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Depth Charge numero 2.


Just an idea for a mates Vinyl Cover.
Meant to be a more cartooney approach.
Based on the World War 2 anti submarine weapons that were used to destroy submarines.... talk about me stating the obvious ey?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I just chat shite.

We live in a time where old people currently look at us and think "back when we were young, we would never have dreamed of doing that"
That is it, we live in a constantly evolving society where within ten years it will be acceptable to beat your wives. In 20 years murder will have no consequence except from maybe a small bushtucker trial in te Australian rainforest , and maybe, just maybe, in 30 years time everyone will have caught on to lady gagas ingenious idea of wearing meat as a suit.
Though it may be rather expensive to keep up this fashion, due to the smell causing you to need to buy a new suit once a week(in extreme winter conditions), or  possibly every two hours (in the summer).
I have taken two things of beauty.  The rose with its intricate shape and sharp curves. and a bird.
We give flowers as gifts because they look good right? And birds are also things of beauty right?
Well in that case, I give you the next thing these 'old people' are going to shit themselves in shock over!

Behold the perfect gift for your loved one.

Available at  £7.99 + £1.99 delivery

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Age We Have Grown To Become.

Apes... Amazing how we have stemmed from that to people wearing giant sea shells for protective helmets.
We have grown to become power obsessed people, and that is what is shown here.
I am trying to show development of evolution in a different way.

My third piece of work published, In case you cannot count?!?

Has anyone ever seen the film pinnochio?

Has anyone ever seen the film pinnochio?

Of course you have.
A puppet who wants to be a " real boy".
Nick Clegg should try being a "real politician"
Maybe if he spent more time keeping to his word, maybe he wouldn't have to spend so much time filing his nose down with a chisel.
This would therefore allow him  to have time to be a real politician... 'Cos lets face it he doesn't have time at the moment with that burden weighing him down.

...If only it was that easy for poor Pinnochio....

I have had to scan this, Although i created it with Illustrator and Photoshop, I stuck it over the top of a newspaper article. Yeah, Hence the scan.

Welcome, Hello, We don't Care...

I am on Blogspot... Not that anyone cares... just another place my work is going to show up on the world wide web. Could even be the prime source for imagery theft. Not my site in particular, but blogspot?
The joys of " Save Picture As" ey?
I figured I would use this site to showcase my work.
When I get a feel for the site. I will upload a few pieces of work to treat you guys.
Until then, You are just going to have to suffice for this image I Created.

This has to make you question...
Who the hell is he?
What the hell is he smiling about?

And the answers to your questions would be...
That would be my Grandad, and he doesn't require a reason to smile.

This is just a simple portrait and meaningful and more complex imagery will be on its way